Sunday, January 14, 2018

How to Build Book Buzz

There are certain things you, as an author (or wannabe author) can do to BUILD BOOK BUZZ. Of course, every case is different. There is no cookie-cutter solution. Having said that, I want to share my own experience.

About 2 years ago, I released the first book of my planned "trilogy" called "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality".  

Now, here is where things get a little dicey!

You might say, I was over-eager to create some excitement around my new love-child... so I rushed into a very small book-reading at a tiny book-store in Saskatoon. About 10 people attended. Although I thoroughly enjoyed myself, this was a strategic mistake. A couple of months later I expressed my desire to hold a reading at a larger book-store in the same city.

The person in charge of this took extra care to explain that since I had already held my "launch", they could not accommodate me.  My feeling at the time was, I never called it a "launch" and also, she could have invested her energy in welcoming me with open arms, versus spending such an inordinate amount of time pushing me away with her long, drawn-out explanation.

My point is... do NOT rush into a less than favorable situation in a small venue. Wait for your cards to line up in a venue that will serve your purposes. It's probably a good idea to generate some advance media coverage and online buzz prior to a live reading. That way, your chances of attracting a fair-sized turnout of fans, supporters, friends and admirers will be greatly enhanced.

Here is a good example of a pre-launch (or live reading) article, that appeared on the front-page of a Nova Scotian newspaper:

Mural painter and author to hold public reading of memoirs in Truro

Michael Gaudet has painted murals across Canada since the 1970s. He recently released his second book, ‘A Work In Progress’, which he will be reading from at the Truro library on Wed., Dec. 13.
Michael Gaudet has painted murals across Canada since the 1970s. He recently released his second book, ‘A Work In Progress’, which he will be reading from at the Truro library on Wed., Dec. 13.SUBMITTED

Michael Gaudet has been painting murals across Canada since the late 1970s, in his words, to ‘leave his mark on the world.’
Now, he is coming back to his hometown to give a reading from his memoirs ‘Dancing With Rejection’ and ‘A Work In Progress’ at the Truro library on Wednesday, Dec. 13.
“The first book, ‘Dancing With Rejection,’ a lot of it is set right in Nova Scotia so I want to read some passages that were reminiscent of the province,” said Gaudet.

Next, what is the meaning of "LAUNCH"? When will you know you are ready? Is it really a one-time thing that cannot be replicated over and over again? Be careful using that word... it has a definite meaning and finality to it.

Back to my strategy...  There is a local TV Show on Shaw Cable here in Saskatchewan that is dedicated to the literary scene called "Lit Happens". I made a special effort to meet the host (Saskatchewan-based Story-Teller Danica Lorer) to present her with complimentary copies of BOTH my books. ("Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality" and "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother Saved") She graciously agreed to send me a picture of her holding her acquisitions. This picture has become a staple of my social media promotion.

"Lit Happens" host Danica Lorer was gracious enough to send me this beautiful photo.
A couple of years ago, I was interviewed on "Lit Happens" by the former host, the late great Wes Funk. Here is that interview:

Also, Sasktel Max TV created a wonderful short film that features some of my best artwork, as well as a live reading from my first book:


Now, I am excited to announce that Danica Lorer will be conducting a fresh new interview to build on all of the momentum. You might say, I have done all of the legwork required to EARN more high-profile publicity, in order to create a real BUZZ around my first two books, and also my career as a mural-painter.

Happy Trails, fellow authors. I hope I have communicated a little of what it means to build momentum, and to grasp the opportunity when it comes your way. You have heard the expression "Strike while the iron is hot", right? Well, I am here to tell you, you must come up with creative ways to HEAT IT UP in the first place. You have to come up with a strategy to stand out from the milling crowd. The good news is, with a little perseverance and insight, it is totally possible. You might even say, INEVITABLE. Remember, all it takes to rise above the primordial muck is to show the world that you have something a little special. And oh, it also helps if you have the ability to write a RIP-ROARING good tale!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Thrill of Publishing a Book(s)

There's no question about it, it is a huge (MONUMENTAL, even) thrill that comes with publishing a book, or, in my case, books in the plural.

This link will steer your Search Engine to the professional website that has been created for your sneak preview.

A Work in Progress
The Life my Brother Saved by Michael R. Gaudet

Following the success of his first book, Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality, the Canadian artist, author, and kidney health advocate Michael R. Gaudet brings us the second part to his captivating trilogy of memoirs. A Work in Progress: The Life My Brother Saved picks up where book one left off, chronicling Gaudet’s arrival in Saskatchewan with his soon-to-be first wife. Still reeling from his near-death experience as the result of kidney failure, the loss of his father, and the launch of his ambitious career, Gaudet finds himself diving into new projects and experiences on the prairies. His daughter Pearl arrives to the world, born with a congenital kidney condition that puts great strain on Gaudet and his already-troubled relationship with his wife.While navigating the struggles of his daughter’s illness as well as his own, Gaudet continues his personal journey towards healing and success. His spiritual experiences include a life-affirming vision quest alongside his dear friend, a First Nations Medicine Man, as well as the creation of a magnificent mural in a church that brings him closer to God. Enduring various phases of love and loss, Gaudet eventually discovers his soul mate with whom he traverses the vast provinces of Canada.In this fascinating life story, Gaudet offers us glimpses into his bohemian lifestyle and rise to fame as a distinguished Canadian artist. Writing in the style of magical realism, he seamlessly weaves mysticism into his prose. He also speaks with fearless realism of what it means to live with kidney disease, bringing awareness and attention to this insidious condition. As a survivor and an artist, his narrative voice pushes through hardship to bear a wider message about living a fulfilling life and pursuing one’s dreams.

I finished your book and I absolutely loved it. It was thoughtful and inspiring, and all around an excellent read. I've just recommended it to my friends. Wonderful work - you deserve to be very proud of it. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.
Dylan Loewe, White House Writer, Washington, D.C.

Michael R. Gaudet photo
Michael R. Gaudet is a renowned Canadian artist known for his monumental murals and activism in promoting knowledge about kidney health and disease. He is the survivor of a near-death experience and kidney transplant that occurred in 1979, when he was only nineteen. He began his artistic career that same year, painting a seminal mural that led him to his life’s calling. Since then, he has painted vibrant, large-scale murals across Canada in both public and sacred spaces. He also works in the challenging genre of high-fidelity portraiture, seeking to immortalize the precise likeness and essence of a person on canvas. In 2001, he was awarded the “People’s Choice Award” for best public artwork by Planet S Magazine in Saskatoon. His first book, Dancing with Rejection, was published in 2015 to great acclaim. A Work in Progress is the second installment in his trilogy of memoirs, with book three forthcoming. Gaudet currently lives with his wife Sharon at the Resort Village of Manitou Beach in Central Saskatchewan, where they operate their seasonal business, “Gibson & Gaudet Gallery & Gifts.”

Remember Book 1 of the Trilogy? "Dancing with Rejection: Beginner's Guide to Immortality" ? (A "cosmic joy ride" of a read)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Next Big Mural...Visualized.

Finally, they figured out how to post a video SWIFTLY on the Blogger platform!

After a brief wait at YouTUBE, this short video is now instantly install able here, simply by pasting in the link. Put simply, there is zero upload time so I am down with that!

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ribbon-Cutting on August 26th

After painting a wide swath of over 60 large murals across Canada over the past 30+ years, Canadian artist/author Michael R. Gaudet's latest mural (of monumental proportions) has been installed just outside the Village of Young, SK.

"Forever YOUNG" is twenty feet high and eighty feet long, mounted ten feet above the ground on a huge steel frame that is engineered to withstand gale-force winds. The mural is claimed to be the "World's Largest Free-Standing Mural".

This stunning photo shows the massive scale of "forever YOUNG" as the panels are installed.
Gaudet says, "I always use professional-quality artist's acrylics for my paintings and murals. These paints are considerably more expensive than exterior latex, however they are the superior product for murals. I usually shy away from painting directly on an existing wall, because a mural is only as good as the surface it is painted on. Instead, I use a specially engineered painting panel that gets installed on the wall. In the case of the Young project, we opted to build a structure on which to install my mural."

"I will begin a mural project by collaborating with the stakeholders in order to come up with an authorized design. Once this happens, the rough sketches are upgraded to a scale drawing that is suitable to be replicated as a limited edition print. The print can then be marketed in order to raise funds for the mural. This is a formula for success."

The mural "forever YOUNG" faces the busy #2 highway just south of Young, SK.
The "forever YOUNG" mural features thirty-one images in a "montage" style design. All of these scenes and people are recognizable. They are sourced from the Young history book and also from private photograph collections from the community. In the coming days, a "legend" will appear on the left-hand side of the mural. This legend will feature an outline of every aspect of the mural that will have a number designating its meaning. Below this will be a list of all the pictures that will allow viewers to identify all of the images.

"This huge mural was very challenging to paint," continues the artist. "Not only was it a lot of physical work, at one-thousand six-hundred square feet, but the images themselves were very detailed and rigorous painting. My technique calls for about fifteen glazes over the entire surface, so in all, the painting entailed about twenty-four thousand square feet of application to finish. That's a lot."

Plans are underway to celebrate the completion of the "forever YOUNG" mural with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 26th, 2017. Everyone is invited to attend. Come out to lend your support to this astonishing accomplishment, inspired by the never-quit attitude of the planning committee. 

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Taking a pause for the cause while working on the "forever YOUNG" mural.
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Very Positive Reception at Queen's House Retreat

Yesterday I attended a meeting at Queen's House Retreat Center in Saskatoon.

Last week a couple of ladies dropped in to see us here at "G-G's Gallery & Gifts" at Manitou Beach. For those of you that have been following, you will know that this is the seasonal business that my wife Sharon and I have been running for 9 years now. The ladies were excited to meet us and shared the germ of an idea... that I should rekindle my connection with Queen's House Retreat... just to see what might happen.

I started to think about that and decided that yes, I would set up a meeting.

Well! It was a wonderful, inspiring half an hour!

I guided the Director and the Program Director through my mural-painting portfolio and also read a few select passages from my 1st book "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality".

I was informed that Queen's House is especially dedicated to the "Trinity" and also to the stewardship of the Earth. These two salient fact sat very well with me, as the themes have loomed large in my artistic journey.

"Earth Angel" is my gift to all my fellow humans...
Suffice to say, my meeting at Queen's House was "pregnant with possibility". In the meantime, I have another large (100' x 12') mural to paint this that means I will be busy with that (and life in general) until the fall of '17. 

Stay posted, the creative fun is still going full-steam!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"World's Largest Business Card"

Timeline: July 5th, 2017...

After waiting for  almost five years for the Young Centennial Committee to get their ducks in a row, my patience has been richly rewarded. I was on site to capture stunning images of the massive mural installation.

A scissor lift capable of ascending 40' into the air was pressed into service.
A combination electric and hydraulic lift was brought on-site. The large working platform, in tandem with a tractor with fork-lift, made ideal equipment to lift the heavy panels into their respective positions on the massive frame.

This shot gives a good impression of the scale of the frame.

The scissor lift requires outriggers when extended high up in the air.

In the above picture, you can see the huge ( 16" diameter) steel posts that were deemed necessary to hold the 20' x 80' expanse of painted panels. The structure was engineered to withstand very brisk winds. Also, considering the predominant (prevailing) winds come from the northwest, the infrastructure is oriented to "slice" into the wind, rather than face it like huge sail.

The aforementioned tractor and fork lift can be seen to the left, carrying the next panel.

Now that you have seen some of the (later) highlights of the installation, here is the finished product...for your viewing pleasure:

The finished installation of "forever YOUNG" at Young, SK.

Once the "forever YOUNG" mural was completely installed, I decided to create a quick video, on my phone. I posted the video on Facebook that afternoon and within about 24 hours, 9,700 viewers partook of the great fun.

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